IMDMC visits Safis Solutions


Safis Solutions, LLC recently welcomed Kathy Keuer, Executive Director of the Indiana Medical Device Manufacturers Council (IMDMC). Many of the executive directors of IMDMC, past and present, have visited Safis Solutions, a long-time member and training partner of IMDMC.



Safis Solutions is a member and supporter of IMDMC. Safis has provided regulatory and quality support to more than 20 medical device members of the IMDMC. In addition, Safis Solutions has provided experienced regulatory staff members to serve as speakers and trainers for IMDMC’s annual regulatory and quality workshops.



“It’s my job to further promote IMDMC and support our members – medical device companies, suppliers, and service companies,” said Kathy Keuer. “Safis Solutions is happy to continue our support of Indiana medical device companies with regulatory and quality services. We will also continue to help IMDMC in providing training expertise to member companies, with the unified goal of bringing more awareness and knowledge of regulatory and quality to other members,” said Ping Poulsen, CEO of Safis Solutions.



Lance Wenck, Director of Business Development at Safis, also participated in the meeting. A mutual goal is shared between IMDMC and Safis Solutions for assisting medical device companies in the state of Indiana. During a recent trip to Germany, Lance participated in a select European medical device conference consisting of global service-related companies. As an-Indiana-based medical device regulatory service company, Safis Solutions attracted the attention of the conference participants. This has brought more business back to Indiana and the U.S. Safis Solutions has been serving as a regulatory agent for U.S. medical device companies as well as medical device companies in Europe and Asia.



IMDMC is a unique organization focusing on promoting education and amplifying the collective voices of Indiana medical device companies to state and federal legislatures. Safis Solutions is encouraged by the new efforts and objectives provided by IMDMC for Indiana.



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