Safis Solutions to present at 18th Annual Regulanet Conference in Germany

Safis Solutions will join global regulatory experts, partners, and members of the Regulanet international network for the 16th Annual Conference in Badenweiler, Germany March 2 – 4, 2016.

The  conference will focus on Big Data and its impact on all aspects of the pharma and medical device industries. It will address the evolution and adaption needed by the regulatory environment  to accommodate this disruptive technology.

Diverse speakers from several countries will complement the experts within the network in a 3-day high-value discussion looking at future impact but not overlooking the current challenges.

The days of just selling the pills are over. Patient power is increasing, and the internet is enabling all key stakeholders to access data more easily. Demystifying this challenge will allow the regulatory environment to gain insight into future outcomes.



Safis Solutions is a proud partner of Regulanet International Network

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